It is believed that 1 of every 59 children has autism. Therefore, our aim as one of the best autism schools in Lagos (and in Nigeria) is to provide quality special education to children with autism and other behavioural and learning difficulties.

At Anthos House, we understand that based on genetic and environmental factors, there are many types of autism. The various types of autism make individual autism patient to be unique in their way and require unique care, but with our certified learning support professionals, you can be sure your child will receive the unique treatment he or she needs to improve.

Our Philosophy.

We improve learning interaction and overall effectiveness.

This means, our strategic behavioural interventions are only influenced by the need of your child.

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Best Autism School in Lagos: Who are we?

  • Anthos House is a unique school for special education in Nigeria.
  • As one of the best autism schools in Lagos, Anthos House believes in an integrated approach to education, care and therapy, while being committed to strong academic progress delivered as functional skills.
  • The core purpose of Anthos House is to deliver broad, balanced and relevant learning programmes to our learners, which takes into account each child’s unique needs and abilities.

Our Core Values

We believe in an integrated approach to education

Independent in Academic

Our team of professionals provide top-notch support that boost the acadmic performance of autism students, having gotten the analysis of the nature of the way they learn.

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Go Vocational

Unlike other autism schools in Nigeria that only teach pure academic subjects, we offer elements of vocational subjects. We do this so as to provide a well-rounded learning experience with a comprehensive approach for our students

Home Economics


autism schools in Nigeria

Work Hard, Play Hard

Serving you with a long-standing team of professionals, students spend a lot of time with your classmates and will be expected to work together on projects and exercises, so you may find yourselves socialising together to let off some steam!

Coordinating with your peers

Naturalistic intervention or naturalistic teaching strategies

Serine Environment
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Anthos House - A Unique Place To Learn and Grow