Welcome to Anthos House and thank you for taking the time to explore our site to learn more about us. As our introduction says, Anthos House is a unique school in Nigeria.

We are committed to preparing our students to live lives of significance, by providing the academic and functional skills necessary.

No website can give the full feel of a school but I do hope you are able to get a sense of our community and the breadth of our programmes.

Our school is a community; our students are challenged and supported by a caring group of educators, staff, parents, and the community beyond our campus.

Anthos house is a place that celebrates the individualism of the student in a nurturing environment with an integrated curriculum, personalized attention, and therapies that support each child on their learning journey.

Students at Anthos House discover who they are through a variety of programs and therapies that help them to grow and blossom.

The core purpose of Anthos House is to deliver broad, balanced and relevant learning programmes to our learners, which takes into account each child’s unique needs and abilities.

Please do come to our campus to get an even better understanding of the welcoming and supportive faculty, administrators, parents, and students at Anthos House!

Anthos House - A Unique Place To Learn and Grow